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DJ D-Tec wasn’t born he was created, every move made a calculated risk where reward came in the form of knowledge obtained, experience gained and exposure in an industry which can be a juggernaut if not handled with care. 

DJ D-Tec was a military brat who fell in love with music many years ago. Daniel saw the world from different perspectives since his youth traveling the world listening to the vibes. In 1984 he was introduced to Hip Hop while living in Panama; when his father had a permanent change of station to Sumter, Sc in 1988 he immersed himself into the culture of Hip Hop.

DJ D-Tec got his name from his friend, producer and party promoter Vern Large. The duo started throwing parties and standing behind the turntables was DJ D-Tec. The duo promoted parties throughout the midlands during the early nineties while crossing over into street marketing and promotions they formed the Loud Mouth Crew through networking with legendary producer Lord Finesse.  


The mid nineties saw D-Tec as the house DJ at a club on Broad River the Glass Cage. From the Glass Cage, to fraternity parties, college parties and the strips club of the Metro he was gaining a buzz throughout the city. In 1997 DJ Prince Ice needed a DJ to cover his live night mix and when offered the opportunity D-Tec was ready and took advantage of the moment.


The Big DM was where DJ D-Tec got his start in radio and when Hot 103.9 moved into the market Tec was moved to the 5 o’clock traffic mix on Fridays and Saturdays to help the Big DM compete with Hot. DJ D-Tec linked back up with Finesse and they teamed up and started breaking records, Tec as the mix show DJ and street team promotion and Finesse as the Music Director. After leaving the Big DM Tec spent time at The Beat and continued laying the groundwork 

Tec would work in radio for over ten years in Columbia, Sc while in radio he was known for working the records and breaking the records. He never left his roots moving the crowd and mixing the vibes so when radio faded to the background he rebranded himself and his focus became the independent music scene of the Carolinas.


Tec’s ear for music combined with his ability to network while marketing and promoting records created an avenue for him to make a natural transition into music consulting and branding while still behind the turntables moving the crowds in Columbia. The birth of the Carolina chapter of the Coalition DJs came under his tutelage and in DJ D-Tec fashion they continued what he started breaking records across the Carolinas.


“Hip Hop is freedom, its happiness; hip hop is whatever you need it to be while being something totally different to someone else. It gives something different to everyone and just like life; it has its ups and downs.”


His love of the culture and his love of the hustle is guiding him on his biggest venture to date building; his Gold Mine Entertainment brand. The Gold Mine brand will encompass a wide array of services to include Record Label, Management Company, Marketing and Promotions team, Lifestyle Branding, mix show radio and special event planning.

Gold Mine Entertainment and DJ D-Tec/Boss Tec are poised to prosper, the ground work has been laid, they have been patiently waiting to blow and it is only a matter of time before the masses acknowledge the talent and hustle coming from the Hip hop culture of the Carolinas.

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