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DJ Larry J - Press Photo.JPG

Columbia, SC’s own DJ Larry J grew up surrounded by gospel music 24/7. There was no avoiding falling in love with the melodies, beats, and harmonies, and his affections for the music lead him to a passion for beinga DJ.


DJ Larry J began his career in 2006 at Red Wing Roller Way, a local skating rink, until its closing in 2008. Since then, he’s DJ’d several weddings, birthday events, church events, and college campus events. Some of DJ Larry J’s accomplishments and features include: DJ for the 2015 Dove Awards Comedy Show hosted by Bone Hampton, being the featured DJ in the music video for Big Redd’s hit single Big Jesus (My God So Big), DJ for BOC-Music, and DJ for Millennial FM.


You can follow DJ Larry J on social media at @DJ_Larry_J!

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