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Thinkin' Of A Master Plan: Hip-Hop Family Day Origin Story

Hip-Hop Family Day

Jun 1, 2023

In 2011, South Carolina hip-hop stalwart FatRat Da Czar was banned from playing a popular franchise venue in Columbia. Czar's response to the action taken by the venue's general manager was to create an event showcasing the foundational principles of hip-hop culture. What started as a live show focusing on the four core elements of hip-hop, expoded into nationally recognized, a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly festival.

With a small budget, awarded to Czar's live event company Non Stop Hip-Hop Live by the City of Columbia, he along with LJ Chisolm, Sherard Duvall and Kingsley Waring began to organize South Carolina's first hip-hop music festival with a twist. That twist being, Czar wanted entire families of all ages to feel welcomed to enjoy hip-hop music and culture together for free.

Ten years ago, with a hopeful eye toward the future, Non-Stop Hip-Hop Live posed the question: Will Columbia, South Carolina support a hip-hop festival?

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