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Jemme Stewart

Jemme Stewart is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and has been offering psychotherapy and counseling to clients in Columbia, SC for over 40 years.  She is the owner of Carolina Psychotherapy Center and offers a wide range of services to the community, including individual and couples therapy, grief therapy, life transition therapy, coaching and mentoring.   

Jemme also in a registered yoga and meditation teacher and has been teaching in the Columbia area for over 15 years. She learned along the way that bringing psychotherapy and yoga and meditation together resulted in offering clients a holistic experience.   


In 2012 Jemme joined with Dr. Hilda White to open Upstream, a mindfulness center in Columbia, SC that operated in the Five Points area.  For a number of years Jemme and Hilda taught Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and greatly  enjoyed seeing the dedication of the students and the benefits they received from their practice of mindfulness.  

T. Hilda White M.D.


Hilda is a newly retired board certified psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. Her career included many facets of psychiatry including the care of acutely hospitalized individuals with major mental illness, drug and alcohol inpatient treatment of individuals with coexisting major mental illness, child and adolescent residential treatment, veteran disability evaluations, active military applicant assessments, administrative management of psychiatric hospital staff within the  South Carolina Department of  Mental Health as well as a private practice treating individuals with psychotherapy (1990-2023) and psychoeducational work with groups for stress reduction training.

Her practice of mindfulness meditation began in 2004 after participating in a week long seminar with Jon Kabat Zinn and Saki Santorelli. After experiencing the power of this way of viewing and relating to life-the self empowerment of direct ly experiencing the multitude of habit so the mind the bring us unnecessary suffering-,she wanted to share this with as many interested individuals as possible. In 2012, she and Jemme Stewart  cofounded a center called Upstream-A Center for Mindfulness and Holistic Mental Health. She and Jemme taught classes called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to groups of students desiring to learn how to effectively and with less stress meet the demands of their lives-mentally, physically and spiritually. Many students reported significant benefit and some said they were able to make life changing decisions as a result of their newfound skills. Today, the practice of mindfulness meditation remains a priority in Hilda’s life.

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