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Sweet G

Before he was a deputy of the Richland County Sheriff's Department, before he was the pitch-perfect voice performing the National Anthem for USC baseball, and before he was the announcer for the South Carolina State Lottery, George Godfrey was known simply as “Sweet G.” A respected figure in the early New York hip-hop scene, Sweet G served as the real-life night manager and DJ at “The Fever,” the famed disco turned hip-hop incubator featured in the cult classic film Krush Groove. Sweet G went on to release his hit song “Games People Play” in 1983, produced by fellow artist Kurtis Blow and released on Fever Records.


“I'll sing, I'll rap, and then I'll say

To the story about the games people play

Life is short, you won't be left behind

So you use games to ease your mind

Try to make changes, try to make it right

The body listens so you gotta fight

Speak your mind and then you'll say"

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